Frequently Asked Graduation Questions


can I bring an extra outfit to change into?

You have the permission to change into an additional outfit. However, please keep in mind that many buildings on campus are closed during weekends, so finding a private place to change may be challenging.

In previous instances, individuals have resorted to changing in secluded areas of the campus, such as between trees or behind bushes.

Please note that changing into your graduation gown is not considered an additional outfit change.

What if it is suppose to rain?

Typically, I start monitoring the weather for your school about 6 days prior to the photo session. At that point, the forecasts are generally accurate. However, it's important to note that forecasts beyond this timeframe may not be as reliable. In the event of a consistent weather pattern, such as seven consecutive days of rain, I will give more weight to the forecast.

If we are two days away from your session and multiple weather websites predict rain, I will reach out to you via email with alternative options for rescheduling. I usually avoid scheduling morning sessions, but if you are available, I will suggest rescheduling you for a different morning session on another day.

can i bring my pet?

Absolutely! We welcome pets to join in the graduation session. You are more than welcome to bring your pet along to the session.

will you show me photos on your camera during a session?

Certainly! I can show you some photos on my camera during the session. However, it's important to note that excessive time spent on reviewing photos can take away from the actual shooting time and capturing the images you desire. To optimize our session, I will show you a few photos to give you an idea of how you look in the camera. This way, we can focus more on capturing the shots you want and making the most of our time together.

how long do you spend at each location?

As a natural light photographer, I prefer to work with the available lighting during the session. Typically, I spend around 10 to 15 minutes at each spot on campus. The actual duration may vary depending on the level of activity at your school during that season. Sometimes we may have to wait for a specific spot to be available for portraits, or we may need to walk between different locations, which can impact the time spent at each spot.

Additionally, the presence of other people in the background can influence the timing as well. If there are many individuals around, we might need to wait for a clear background to ensure clean and uninterrupted shots. Ultimately, I aim to make the most of our time together and capture beautiful photographs while taking into account these various factors.

can i choose the photos that get edited?

I understand that you may have a preference for choosing the photos that get edited. However, as a photographer, it is part of my role to curate a gallery of photos for you. During a session, I typically capture a large number of images, often in the hundreds. Going through all of them can be time-consuming, and I want to save you that effort. Instead, I carefully select the best shots from each location and pose.

Rest assured that you can expect a variety of photos from all the spots where we took pictures. For individual shots, you will receive most, if not all, of each pose. In group shots, you can expect a mix of photos featuring individuals and the entire group. This process has generally been well-received by graduates, as it ensures a high-quality and curated collection of images. It allows you to focus your time and energy on other important tasks, such as studying for midterms or working on papers.

Do you send out unedited photos?

I understand your interest in receiving unedited photos, but I typically do not provide them. As a photographer, I believe in delivering a finished product that showcases the full potential of the images. There are a few reasons for this approach.

Firstly, I intentionally underexpose my photos to preserve as much detail as possible. As a result, the images may appear darker initially and may not accurately represent their true potential. Attempting to edit these underexposed photos without the necessary expertise and knowledge can lead to challenges in achieving the desired results.

Additionally, I shoot in RAW format, which produces .ARW files. These files require specific programs to process them effectively. Sharing such large RAW files, which can range from 40GB to 70GB per session, over the internet can be slow and hinder the editing process.

By providing edited photos, I can ensure that you receive the best quality images that have been carefully adjusted for lighting, color, and overall aesthetic. This approach allows me to present a cohesive and polished final product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

can you edit my photos a certain way

i do not. I maintain a consistent editing style, particularly when working at the same campus and during the same times. My focus is on creating a true-to-color editing approach that enhances vibrancy, contrast, and delivers high-quality, lifelike portraits.

By adhering to this established style, I ensure that the final set of photos exhibits a cohesive visual aesthetic and accurately represents the subjects and their surroundings. This commitment to consistency and quality enables me to provide a professional and polished end result for your photographs.