Graduation Posing Guide

the flutter stole

For optimal results, assume this pose from a side angle. Position your toes 90 degrees away from the camera and maintain eye contact with the lens.

Using the arm that is farther from the camera, grasp the stole from its center.

Perform a fluid motion by raising the stole straight up into the air, completing a 180-degree rotation. Simultaneously, lift your front leg.

As an option, you can either rest your other arm by your side or place it on your hip, creating a triangular composition.

the stole throw

Grasp the folded stole in half, ensuring the logo and year are visible, and hold it by your side.

Next, raise your arm halfway towards the middle of your body, and release the stole with an underhanded throw towards the lens. Aim to create a fluid motion that allows the stole to flutter in the air, potentially revealing the logo in the frame.

Keep in mind that achieving the desired effect may require several attempts to get it just right. Embrace the process!

the champagne shot

To gently pop the champagne, remove the wrapper from the bottle and proceed to open it. Hold the cork firmly in the palm of your hand while twisting to prevent it from flying off and potentially causing harm.

After the soft popping, hold the bottle with both hands. One hand should grasp the base, providing stability, while the other hand covers the opening.

To capture an exciting shot, position your thumb to leave an opening on the side of the camera, allowing the champagne to spray toward the lens.

cap raise

Rotate your body to face sideways, with your side pointing towards the camera. Position your toes at a 90-degree angle from the camera. You have the option to choose which side to face, preferably the side that you feel most confident about, often referred to as your "good" side.

Next, using the hand that is not closest to the camera, grab the cap and lift it into the air, creating a diamond shape. Hold the cap from its bottom tip.

To add variation, you can raise your front leg or cross it with the other

the over the shoulder

Position yourself with your back facing the camera, placing your right foot forward and your left foot back. This stance provides better leverage when turning back towards the camera, conveying the impression of stepping away.

Fold your stole in half to showcase one side of it. Grasp the stole with your left hand and drape it over your left shoulder.

Rotate your chest towards the 10 o'clock position while gently turning your neck towards the camera. Be mindful not to strain your neck while doing so.

cross legged sit

Assume a seated position with your knees pointed out to the sides.

Cross your legs at the thighs if possible. If crossing at the ankles is more comfortable, that is also acceptable.

Place one hand on your knee and position the other hand directly behind you for support.

Ensure that both parts of your stole are visible in the frame. To achieve this, move both sections of the stole to one side of your body, allowing them to be prominently displayed.

the cap throw

Take hold of your cap at one of its corners and bring that arm down, positioning it right next to your waist.

Next, raise your arm all the way to the top and energetically toss and flip the cap into the air. Ensure you release it with force.

To add dynamism to your photos, consider incorporating a slight leg kick while executing the cap throw.

Keep your arm elevated in the air and maintain the position until the cap lands on the ground.

the stole stretch

Drape the stole around your neck in a regular manner, ensuring that both sides are evenly positioned.

Using both hands, grip the sides of the stole firmly.

Extend both arms outwards to the sides, stretching the stole and creating a slanted line from right to left.

Cross your legs and direct your gaze towards the camera, accompanied by a warm smile!