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Graduation Tips + FAQ !!

Graduation Essentials

  1. Stay properly hydrated by drinking water.
  2. If you're wearing lipstick, consider using a straw to prevent smudging.
  3. Keep a comb handy in case your hair becomes disheveled.
  4. Carry a small towel to wipe off sweat, especially if your campus is located in a warmer region.
  5. Consider bringing flip-flops if you're wearing heels, as they can be more comfortable and practical for walking longer distances between different locations.


  1. To enhance the intensity of your stole's color, opt for a lighter base.
  2. Wearing a white outfit is a common choice for many graduates because it can be challenging to perfectly match the color of your stole.
  3. Make sure to iron your stole to remove any fold lines before your session. Avoid the embarrassment of showing up with the stole still inside the packaging.
  4. Plan ahead and purchase your graduation outfit in advance. As the graduation season progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to find that desired white dress.

Cap and Gown

Full cap and gown shots are not always necessary, in my opinion.You may have already noticed that I don't have many photos featuring the full cap and gown. That's because I believe those photos can be saved for your ceremony or formal portrait sessions offered by some schools.

If you don't have a cap and gown yet but still want photos with them (although I'm not necessarily suggesting this), you could consider purchasing one temporarily from Amazon and then returning it.

However, if you already have your own cap and gown, I typically reserve one set of photos specifically for capturing that attire.

Tip: When posing for photos, it's generally advised not to zip up your gown completely