The Dutch Windmill

The Dutch Windmill is a fantastic location to get individual portraits. You get the iconic windmill in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. Many people set up little picnics here which can give ideas for a bright and airy conceptual shoot. This location works in both cloudy and sunny conditions which makes this spot very versatile and easy to work with!

Legion of Honor

The legion of honor has netural architecture that works great with reflecting light. No matter what the lighting conditions are, you can always get well-lit shots! This spot is perfect for classy, grand, and clean portraits. This is def one of my favorite spots in San Francisco!

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is another location that works well with any lighting conditions. It works best during golden hour when the sun is out, but either or you can still get quality shots. This spot is perfect for showcasing dresses and getting some classy, clean portraits. This pairs very well with the Legion Of Honor.

Salesforce Park

Salesforce Park incorporates nature and the city together so well. The blending of the two creates a very urban and fun feel. The park is huge and there are many areas to take portraits at. You can focus solely on the park aspect or include the city scapes to get more of an urban feel. This spot is best 2 hours before sunset.

Crissy Field

Crissy Fields is a beach and a little park that showcases the golden gate bridge with some cute little architecture! Crissy fields is more versatile than its counter part, Bakers Beach. This location is better during golden hour and is more flexible in dealing with harsh, direct lighting!

Embarcadaro Center

The Embarcadero Center is a very long location that cuts through the city surrounded by San Francisco's skyscrapers. This is the perfect place to capture a modern and urban environment! Perfect for showcasing streetwear or any lifestyle content. It is right across from the ferry building and next to the financial district, so walking to other photo-worthy locations is very possible from here!

Lover's Lane

Lover's Lane is a gorgeous location with tall trees and a wonderful pathway between them! This spot is perfect for the morning or early afternoon. The tall trees help provide shade and creates some nice lighting with it breaching through the trees. This helps create a bright, airy, and magical vibe!